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Case Studies and Feedback

Bill’s Story

Bill cares for his wife Rose who has dementia and has very limited mobility. Bill has some support from his two adult children, who both work and live some distance away. Bill’s own health is compromised by his diabetes and eye problems. Bill had become anxious and overwhelmed with his circumstances. He was getting very little respite from his caring role as he devotes most of his time ensuring that Rose gets what she needs and is as comfortable as she can possibly be without considering his own needs. At the initial home visit Bill was unaware of where to go to get information and support for either himself or Rose.

Issues and support provided

Following a carer’s assessment, the following issues were identified and support put in place;

Issue 1 – Bill has diabetes that has impacted on his sight and he requires regular treatment from a hospital in another town. Rose can’t be left on her own when Bill goes to his appointments and he has no one to come and sit in with Rose.

Support – A referral was made to the sitting-in service so that there was someone to sit with Rose whilst Bill attended his medical appointments

Issue 2 – Rose had been unable to have a bath or shower due to being unable to get in and out of either the bath or shower. Bill had been assisting Rose with this however this situation was becoming near impossible as Bill was struggling to physically support Rose.

Support – A referral into Occupational Therapy resulted in appropriate adaptations in the bathroom to enable Rose to bathe/shower as independently as possible.

Issue 3 – Bill was receiving virtually no respite from his caring role and was isolated in the community as his caring role was 24/7

Support – Rose started to attend a daycentre 1 day a week which allowed Bill to meet up with a friend and go walking in the local countryside, looking after both his physical and emotional health.

Issue 4 – Bill was concerned about what would happen to Rose in an emergency situation. He worried about what would happen if he became ill.

Support – We assisted Bill to put together an emergency plan that he shared and agreed with his family so that they would all know what to do if something occurred, the plan was written up with key contacts and phone numbers.

Issue 5 – Bill was becoming less able to take Rose to health appointments due to Rose being less mobile.

Support – With direction Bill self-referred to the community matron service who could provide Rose’s health appointments at the home address

On subsequent update visits Bill indicated that he felt a lot calmer and better able to cope, he felt he was enjoying life a lot more and getting out of the house a few times a week meant there was always something to look forward to.


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n-compass provides excellent patient focused Advocacy and respects the patient’s rights and views.”

St. Helens Professional

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"Thank you so much, this has given me so much confidence and I feel now that I will get the sort of treatment I need, in the way I need it to be."

Fylde Service User

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"Thank you for your support... I now feel strong enough to make my own decisions and my aim is to continue to act independently with other areas of my life."

Lancaster Service User

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"Your input was superb, exactly what I needed; an independent person to help me to question and comment and move things forward."

Blackburn with Darwen Service User

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